Installing Autodesk Maya 2015 On Arch Linux

Posted by Naelstrof on January 21, 2016

You should never ever want to do this. Blender does everything you could want. However if you're stuck in a college class that requires you to use Maya like me, then read on you poor poor soul.


First of all, you'd need a PKGBUILD to get started. They've been eradicated from the internet for whatever reason-- dead links and empty AUR searches. Fortunately somebody posted a PKGBUILD on a pastebin, it was a tad broken but worked for my purposes. You should make a folder called maya2015 somewhere safe and put the PKGBUILD within it.


You can see a few commented lines. They were originally install scripts that came with the AUR package, but obviously they're missing from grabbing it from pastebin. I was able to get Maya to work without them.

cd ~/maya2015
sudo pacman -U *.xz

It should get Maya in neat little packages and install them for you.


After installation we have to run a dumb service installation script to set up certain folders that other parts of Autodesk looks for. Afaik it doesn't do anything but create a folder but you'll have to run the following anyway:

sudo /opt/Autodesk/Adlm/FLEXnet/bin/


You should now have the capacity to "activate" the product. To do so will vary, but for the typical college student with a standard standalone licence you'll use the following command as root:

sudo /usr/autodesk/maya2015-x64/bin/adlmreg -i S <product key> <product key> 2015.0.0.F <serial like 900-0000XXX> /var/opt/Autodesk/Adlm/Maya2015/MayaConfig.pit

Yes you have to put the product key twice, both the serial and product key should be emailed to you by Autodesk. If you mess up you might have to remove the key to try again, reinstalling works fine for that.


If you noticed "activate" was in quotes earlier, and that's because Maya still has to phone home to activate itself. This must be done as root as well (ugh!), however it has 100% chance to fail anyway.

sudo /usr/autodesk/maya2015-x64/bin/maya2015

This will be OK though because we can use an activation request code maya provides to activate it online. However there's one little issue with this-- It fails to display the request code!

Can they do anything right?

Ok so it's not as bad as it seems. You'll have to go to, and fill out the information the best you can (You'll probably have to insert correct addresses and phone-numbers or else it will fail). Once it asks for the request code, make sure Maya 2015 is open and on the activation code page shown above. You should find the request code file located at /tmp/MAYA2015en_USLongCode.xml!

It should let you download an activation code response file, and it should successfully activate Maya 2015 for real!


Now the big challenge is running Maya itself. Running it as a user seems to cause it to hang, so again-- sigh-- we'll have to run it as root.

sudo maya

Woo! It should start up, but with another issue... blank gui Maya's gui and text are invisible! Google searches didn't come up with anything, but with a little tinkering I figured it out. For whatever reason Maya fails to make some files in normal users folders, while root is incapable of running QT applications properly. So to fix it I just copied root's maya files over and chowned them.

sudo cp -R /root/{Adlm,maya,xgen} ~
sudo chown -R naelstrof:users ~/{Adlm,maya,xgen}

And now I can run maya as a normal user, and it works 100% (as far as I can tell)! it's ALIVE


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